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Children in Cabaceira PequenaAs a travel writer focusing on Africa, Sue has witnessed many inspiring examples of how tourism can benefit the lives of local people and their environment.  She has acquired a detailed knowledge of the issues involving communities and conservation, and the challenges inherent in balancing their needs in the development of sustainable businesses.

Afrika chimp on Ngamba Island, UgandaSue is a firm believer that tourism can - and should - be a force for good in developing countries, where general economic prospects are often limited but natural beauty and opportunity so often limitless.

While some companies merely pay lip-service to the concept of responsible tourism, Sue has come across several excellent organisations and individuals who feel the same as she does, many of whom look on tourism primarily as a vehicle for community development and conservation rather than as a business in itself that makes token gestures to altruism for the sake of good PR.  Click here for further details and links.

Many of Sue’s commissions as a travel writer, particularly in Africa, have focused on responsible tourism stories.  To read some of these articles, click here.

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